MultiScraper is the software that will grab products from other big online marketplaces (Amazon.com, Aliexpress,com, Etsy.com, Walmart.com or any others that are configured) and insert them directly into your E-Commerce store.

MultiScraper is available for most famous E-Commerce CMS like OpenCart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and others.

The main difference from similar software is that MultiScraper will be integrated with your store's database and will insert and update the products (and all other entities like attributes or images) directly, without mediation of CSV, XML or any other intermediates.

Also, it can be launched in the automatic mode, supports grabbing via proxy servers (including the ability to use your own proxy list), able to grab whole listings (categories, search results listings etc) and has a lot of settings to give you an opportunity to fill your store merchandise as quickly as possible.

Full list of MultiScraper's features is here.

How it works

MultiScraper makes it's job in the next way: you create the tasks (instructions for grabbing) and MultiScraper will grab products one-by-one while you doing something else.

If you want to grab some listing (for example, the whole category from another website, or search results list), MultiScraper will find all products from this listing page by page and grab products even from paginated listing

After all products are grabbed it will periodically update products (check if the price or stock status was changed).

What is it good for?

MultiScraper is best for affiliates stores, regional representatives of markets which do not have the API to get products from them.

You may use it to fill in your store with impressive number of products to make it more attractive both for search bots and for the customers, to create sattelites of your new E-Commerce project etc.

Content manager is not needed for your store anymore - use MultiScraper instead.

Also, MultiScraper able to...

grab products via PROXY

MultiScraper may grab products through proxy servers to hide your IP from donor website. You may use your own proxy servers list.

grab products in the automatic mode

It doing it's job in the automatic mode (using "CRON" server's utility). It will grab products into your store while you relax.

grab product's variations

MultiScraper will grab product's variations (Sizes, Colors etc) from most of the marketplaces.

be selective

You may set priority for particular task for grabbing (Normal, High, Urgent). MultiScraper will process the higher priority tasks in the first place.

update grabbed products

MultiScraper will periodically update product's price, stock status and product's attributes after grabbing. Your products always will be in the up-to-dated state.

change it's behaviour to meet your needs

MultiScraper has it's own hooks system as well as plugins system. You may order some additional features or MultiScraper's behaviour.

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