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Why MultiScraper has to be upgraded so often?

First of all, MultiScraper is HTML grabber, it gets the product page's source code and then parsing it to distinguish particular data (title, description, price, images URLs etc).
Big websites CHANGE it's products pages layouts quite often so we have to change the parsing code accordingly. Promise, we are happy of this fact not more than you.

Also, MultiScraper is constantly evolving so we recommend you to keep it up-to-dated.
The optimal frequency of updating is 1 month (and any date when MultiScraper stopped grabbing products properly).

We don't think this will be very inconvenient for you, the upgrade is as simple as possible: just upload new files over the old ones and continue using MultiScraper.

May i see the example of already published website with products grabbed by MultiScraper?
Sorry, this is out of Privacy Policy
What Hosting provider is the most suitable for MultiScraper if i want to grab thousands of products?

This is one of the most complicated and frequently asked question.
The similar one is "What is the sufficient server's capacity for using MultiScraper?".

First of all, different websites require different throughput of the server.
Some are very easy (friendly for scraping), you may grab thousands of products daily from them even on a weak cheap hosting.
Another ones vice versa: extremely hard, the examples are Alibaba.com, Taobao.com, Wholesale7.net and some others.
There are many hi-res images, too heavy product pages source code and also a good protection from intensive requesting.
You have to have really good and stable server if you want to get products from them.

Another factor is the question how much products you are going to grab from particular marketplace.
In other words, how intensively you are going to use MultiScraper.

As for the Web Hosting we can only advice the services which have the minimum number of complaints from our customers.
These are the most famous Hostings companies like HostGator.com, a2hosting.com, LiquidWeb.com or eHost.com.
Anyway the final decision about the choice of the hosting provider you are taking it.

If the images at the donator marketplace are watermarked, will they be grabbed watermarked also?

We always try to find the way how to get non-watermaked images from the source and in most cases we have success.

Unfortunately there in no way to remove watermarkes from images automatically, so for some donator marketplaces the images will be grabbed watermarked.
The examples are Geekbuying.com, particular products from Buyincoins.com, Dx.com, Tinydeal.com and some others.

In some ecommerce websites the variations are interdependent, will MultiScraper grabs the valid combinations of variations (sizes, colors etc)
Unfortunately no, MultiScraper will grab all variations that are enabled, but not taking into account the interdependence between them. :(
What action the "Reinstall MultiScraper" button does?

It will delete all settings and tasks of current installation of MultiScraper and will install it from the beginning.

Note, that already grabbed products will not be deleted (because they already in your database) but they will not be updated by MultiScraper anymore.

What action the "Restart task" button does?

This action will launch the grabbing for this particular task from the beginning.

Already grabbed products will not be deleted but they will be marked as "non-grabbed yet".

The grabbing of LISTINGS will be launched from the beginning (from the first page of listing).

My MultiScraper suddenly stopped grabbing Aliexpress (or Amazon, or eBay or any other)

Many users of MultiScraper faced the huge problem grabbing products from Aliexpress, Alibaba and some other marketplaces.
Sometimes it occurs right after the MultiScraper's installation, sometimes some later.
Almost always such problem occurs while intensive grabbing: donator website just blocks the domain/IP when see too many requests from it - remote website thinks that this is some kind of DDoS attack and redirects all requests from this IP to the authorisation page or just returns the blank page.

Trying to resolve this problem for our customers we added the PROXY support feature to the MultiScraper.
It works as follows: if attempt to get product's page by the usual methods is failed, the page will be requested through an elite or an anonymous proxy server.

The situation is complicated by the fact that we have only limited number of the proxy, but already have an impressive number of users of MultiScraper, so this is not the stable solution.
To resolve this, we added the ability to use YOUR OWN PROXY and do not depend on ours.

You may create them by yourself or use special services where you can buy or rent a list of proxies of different levels of anonymity (about PROXY types you can read here).
Such services are easy to find at the request of "Rent elite proxy" or "Rent anonymous proxy".
The examples of such services are Infatica.io, Luminati.io or CoolProxies.com etc.
There are many similar services and unfortunately we cannot test them all or give you any guarantee of any of them :(
You may use them at your own risk.

Information of how to install your own proxy list you will find at the "PROXY SUPPORT" section at the "How to use" page of your MultiScraper's interface

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