• Unlimited number of tasks ( Instructions for grabbing products from other big ecommerce website )
  • Unlimited categories and products importer (you may define several Listings or product's lists in one task. Also you may define several categories of your store where the grabbed products will be inserted)
  • Whole listing or category scraping in one task
  • Ability to switch ON/OFF any task (like you press "Pause" when watching the movie)
  • Ability to add unlimited number of marketplaces for grabbing for additional fee (you may order the personal additional plugins to grab any other ecommerce website that is not supported by the MultiScraper's core - just contact the support team). List of the marketplaces supported at the moment see below
  • Ability to define separate folder for product's images grabbed by each particular task
  • Ability to define if you need the images in the product description be uploaded to your server or leave them as external links (may be useful if you are trying to save the disk space when grabbing too many products)
  • Auto updating all grabbed products (after the MultiScraper grabbed and inserted the products in your store, it will periodically update these products - will check if the price or stock status or attributes of some product were changed)
  • Ability to choose the action that MultiScraper will do if the grabbed product no more available at the donor website or is out of stock (you may choose "Delete the product", "Set up 0 quantity to this product", "Set up out-of-stock status to this product" or "Do nothing" or some other option)
  • Ability to set both fixed and/or relative price's margins of all products grabbed by each particular task ( for exapmle, add 10% and $20 more to original price )
  • Ability to set donator website's currency (Note, that MultiScraper just grabs digits and if your own store's currency is different than donator website's currency, MultiScraper will translate the price value into your store's currency using the currency exchange rates in your store's settings)
  • Data capacity: up to 10000 products grabbed/daily ( depending on your server's abilities ). NOTE: "up to" does not mean that we gurantee 10000 products grabbed from ANY marketplace and on ANY server. Some markets are extremely hard for grabbing (examples are amazon.com, aliexpress.com etc) so it will be good if you will be able to grab at least 1000 products daily from them. Another ones are vice versa: very friendly to the bots that are collecting data from other websites - MultiScraper will grab thousands of products from them without any problems.
  • Built-in interface for monitoring the MultiScraper's processing (Log's section)
  • User-friendly interface to create and edit tasks for MultiScraper
  • Wide range of other settings

List of the websites supported by MultiScraper out-of-the-box


any amazon submarket: amazon.de, amazon.es, amazon.in etc


with variations (sizes, colors etc)


with attributes (sizes, colors etc), clear and high quality images


with variations (sizes, colors etc), some images may be watermarked


with variations (sizes, colors etc)


with variations (sizes, colors etc)


with variations (sizes, colors etc)


with variations (sizes, colors etc), fast grabbing, high quality images


any regional Aliexpress submarkets


with variations (sizes, colors etc), images are clear and good quality, fast importing


clear and high quality images


any eBay submarket: ebay.de, ebay.it etc


with variations (sizes, colors etc), high quality images


very fast importing


images are watermarked


with attributes (sizes, colors etc), some images in the product description may be watermarked


with variations (sizes, colors etc), fast importing

Sheinside.com (Shein.com)

with attributes (sizes, colors etc), fast importing


with attributes (sizes, colors etc), very fast importing


with attributes (sizes, colors etc)

Custom (Additional) plugins

Above is the list of donor websites supported out-of-the-box in the commercial release of MultiScraper. But it is possible to let MultiScraper import products from almost any other webstore. It could be some other ecommerce website or the marketplace, your supplier's website, even another your own store.

MultiScraper has it's own plugin system and you may order additional plugin to let it grabbing items from the source you are interested in. For such purposes you may simply contact us on the phenomena44@gmail.com or the multiscraper@yahoo.com, send the list of the websites you are interested in and get a quote for this custom job.

Standard fee for creating custom additional plugin starting from $50 and depends on the remote website's complexity. Terms of delivery, as rule, do not exceed 1 day per plugin, installation service and 6 months of free support are included.

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