Legal info

This policy covers how we use your personal data.

We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information.

Any information received will only be used to perform your order. We will not sell or redistribute your userdata to anyone.

 This is one of the frequently asked question. Is it lawful to grab products from other websites?

 Generally MultiScraper does not engaged in burglary or something like this. It just collects the data that is in the open access.
 You may do quite the same operation manually using copy&paste and saving the images into your hard disk and then uploading them into your store.
 MultiScraper just do this much faster. Think about how much time you need to insert 10000 products manually... MultiScarper able to do this within 1 day!

 But anyway, you have to remember that the PUBLICATION of information obtained from another website (product's description, images etc) may be the violation of copyright (if this data is covered by copyright at whole, of course).

 As we know there is no precedent when the big stores have been accused of is that their products are copied to another store.
 Vise versa many big e-commerce websites even create the APIs to let the other stores get their products much faster.
 Because in most cases this means that the product that was purchased from another store, will be ultimately purchased from this big website.

 Using the MultiScraper you have to remember that this software created predominantly for the affiliates stores, for regional representatives of big ecommerce sites etc.
 Another one purpose is filling your store with lots of products quite quickly to make it more attractive for the customers and for the search bots, or to check your server or database loading with many products.
 Of course, you may use the MultiScraper for different purposes, but note that in this case we do not accept any liability for any legal complications that may arise in the process.

 You may meet the pirated releases of MultiScraper around the web.
 You may even try to use them in your store.

 In this case note, that we do not provide any support for such installations.

 Also note, that the websites who sell the pirated software usually live just a couple of monthes.
 You will not be able to get the upgrades, future releases, ability to order any custom job or the compensation.
 As a rule the sellers of such software disappear right after the exchange completed.

 Also, MultiScraper will let us know that someone installed the commercial version without purchasing the license.
 We will not be happy about this.

Free support available during 1 year from the purchase date.

To get help as quickly as possible, send us your FTP access details (HOSTNAME, USERNAME and PASSWORD) or the cPanel access details (URL, LOGIN and PASSWORD) to the support email:

Also, describe your problem in details, with examples and screenshots if needed.
May be some additional information will be needed, be ready to provide us with this data.


The support available Monday-Friday from 8am to 6pm on GMT (except holidays).

 Source code of MultiScraper is opened. You may change it by yourself or hire the developer to meet your own needs.

 In this case please don't forget about 2 important things:
      - We will not provide you with any support after somethings was changed in MultiScraper's core files.
      - You may have huge problems upgrading the MultiScraper software. We have no idea how you will merge the changes made.

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